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What is Technical Analysis?


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"No matter how valuable a company might seem on paper, if there are no buyers that share price won't rise. "


"I have just completed Lesson 5 on "what can I do with my money" and must commend you on the content. It is beautifully laid out, easy to understand, and I am sure, because of its simplicity, it will appeal to people starting out on the stock market. To most people, the stock market is this complicated monster, that only those with elite and razor sharp minds can understand, and dare to dabble in. I have been trading the stock market for about 10 years now, and am always ready to review the basics, and to be reminded of the everyday simple principals that drive this amazing money machine. I have huge respect for the stock market, and know that I still have so much to learn. Christelle you are doing such an amazing job by bringing the stock market to those who want to get in but don't quite know how. I cant wait for the next episode. Keep going, this country needs your "know how"."


"I love the fact that I am getting one educational video on technical analysis and one "share"-tip video every week. Christelle your energy is contagious. I am loving this. Thank you."


"I have been an investor on the stock market for years and after watching Lesson 3 "How much to buy of a share", I knew what I have been doing wrong all this time. Thanks Christelle for switching on the lights. "


"I love your content. I wish I found you earlier in my investment journey! "


"Thank you very much for this opportunity to learn and trade under your guidance. This was something I wanted to do all my life, but was to scared to do on my own. Now that I am close to retirement I enjoy it and can see this something to keep my mind active after retirement! Thank you so much! "


What can you expect when you subscribe...

For both the SA and US subscriptions we discuss a technical indicator or candle in video format every week. When you receive your login details, you will be able to watch all the videos on the site. Check out an example of lesson 52 here. also get...

A share or ETF as a buy opportunity and we run through the entire existing portfolio every week. We also let you know via email when it is time to consider banking profit or add to the position. Check out this example for the US market subscribers.


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Stock Market in South Africa

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